Don't worry-- no spoilers here. I'd have to actually understand the plot to give any spoilers.
  1. "What is going on?"
  2. "Why does everyone mumble?"
  3. "Taylor Kitsch is hot."
  4. "Colin Farrell shaves and somehow that changes his voice?"
  5. "What are they taking about?"
  6. "I wonder how much Rachel McAdams' 'bad hair job' actually cost."
  7. "Ooo- I know where that location is in LA!"
  8. "Vince Vaughn is tall."
  9. "I hope Taylor Kitsch has a full frontal scene."
  10. "...that fucking song again..."
  11. "I miss The Yellow King."
  12. "What time is it?"
  13. "Was it hard to stay awake when reading the scripts?"
  14. "What?"
  15. "Who is this person again? Have I seen them before?"
  16. "Collin Farrell had a sex tape."
  17. "Vince Vaughn is wearing a noticeable amount of make up."
  18. "I wish Taylor Kitsch had a sex tape."
  19. "If they had one director for the entire season, would that help?"
  20. "I still haven't seen that minion movie."