Because I need to start planning now.
  1. Pizza
  2. Pasta alla Sookie
    Mucho mac and cheese!
  3. Toblerone
    The Gilmore chocolate of choice
  4. Mallomars
    Rory spelled out Happy Birthday to Lorelai using them
  5. Miss Patty's Founder's Day punch
    Or would you rather have a Rory?
  6. Pop tarts
  7. Various nuts and pretzels of the world
    The duck soup episode that's why
  8. Chinese take out
    In honor of Al's Pancake World
  9. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  10. Popcorn and redvines
    No true movie night is complete without them
  11. Luke's burgers
    Let's spice things up a bit and make them sliders. Chili's sliders. Gillies, what'd ya think?
  12. Deviled eggs
    "Take the deviled eggs!"
  13. The magic risotto
  14. Weston's baked goods
    Donuts? Scones?
  15. Taylor's Ye Olde Soda Shoppe candy
    "Who can take the sunrise and sprinkle it with dew? The candy man..."