1. The One When my college roommate had the choice between going to Harry Potter World and a P!nk concert and chose the P!nk concert
    Okay it actually wasn't even a concert, it was just that P!nk happened to be at a restaurant down the road. Who would choose that over HPW??
  2. The One When my mother didn't want to keep the stray dog we found so she tried to set it on fire instead of taking it to an animal shelter
    It should be noted that this happened during the same dream as the first one.
  3. The One When I was inside a video game and Lady Gaga was the final boss
    She fired lasers from her boobs and it was intense.
  4. The One When I went to see a documentary about The Avett Brothers but it turned out to be a documentary about an Avett Brothers cover band
    Needless to say, I was pissed.
  5. The One When my best friend took a course on a strange fictitious religion and then converted to said religion
    She wore a dark hood, spoke in whispers, and her face was pallid. It was spooky.