For my first list, let's make it a tribute to my favourite TV show off all time
  1. Mose / Michael schur
    Mose of course is not in every episode and is not a lead character, but I don't remember a single scene of his which I have not died laughing. He also innovated Schrute farm by introducing wireless (by hiding all the wires).
  2. Dwight / Rainn Wilson
    HIs dorky personality brings in hilarious moments, although his selfish attitude has brought out the most laughter in me. My favourite moment was awarding himself hay king. He did win it fairly, I think.
  3. Michael / Steve Carell
    Does this even need explaining? From his first appearance in the pilot (although a copy of Gervais) his loud and joyful character was obvious.
  4. Jim / John Krasinski
    As my favourite male protagonist, Jim was involved in many funny moments, especially his pranks on Dwight. The most memorable prank was dressing up as Dwight and reproducing his actions. A truly ROFL moment.
  5. Stanley / Leslie David Barker
    I actually used a complex algorithm to choose these characters, here's how it works. Write down the total screen time for each character divide it by the highest rating they got on the laugh'o'meter. Times the result by 1.265. Then shove it up your butt.