Fun Memories With Grandma Wallace

Granny isn't doing well health wise these days so just wanted to list some fun memories that mean more to me than most stuff
  1. "Take time about"
    From using different bikes or the Nintendo she would set that cook timer to signal when we had to switch
  2. Washing my hair
    She wouldn't put our head under the faucet or make us dunk our head... She had a small blue bucket she would dump over our head.
  3. Cousins
    It had to be hard getting Leah, Ashlyn, Keith and me together but they did it. We were rowdy kids but we are all still really close from it.
  4. Cooking
    No other words than...damn she could cook!
  5. Nice conversations
    We still have the best conversations. She still wants to know when I'm gonna get married
  6. So much more
    I will have many years to add to this but sitting in the room with her right now made me want to list a couple things