Random Myspace Survey I Found

Why not
  1. What is to your left?
    A brick house in Harlinsdale.
  2. Describe a most awkward situation.
    Someone at your table in a restaurant yelling at waitress about how long food is taking.
  3. 2nd Favorite color
    Probably orange
  4. Going anywhere this year?
    Been to Arizona. Probably the beach a couple times and hopefully somewhere else that I haven't figured out
  5. Favorite song out right now?
    Life of the Party- Jake Owen
  6. Last person you spoke to?
    Some lady walking down road in Meadow Lakes 2
  7. Favorite day of the week?
    Friday duh
  8. Crayons or markers
    I was partial to markers
  9. Weird Observation about your surroundings
    Dog sleeping in very uncomfortable looking position
  10. What are you eating/drinking?
    Drinking a bottle of water with Black Cherry Mio in it
  11. What shape do you see the most in front of you?
    Probably the triangles that make roofs
  12. What year is it?
    2016 but doing this feels like 2005
  13. Full name
    John Hampton Wallace