1. United flight Denver to Chicago
    I had a window seat so I saw some nice views. Plane wasn't full and had a seat open beside me and no one behind me. I could lay back and spread out as much as I wanted.
  2. American flight Philadelphia to Phoenix
    Longest flight by far but had a good sized seat and I was on the isle. They showed a movie and even though it was terrible(Pan) I still had something to pass the time.
  3. American flight Chicago to Charlotte
    In he middle seat but no big people on either side. Really short flight and I think I got a couple winks of sleep
  4. American flight Charlotte to Philadelphia
    First flight of trip. In middle seat. It was a short flight. Nothing else positive or negative
  5. United flight Phoenix to Denver
    It was a short flight but that was all that was good. In middle seat and on my left was a fat guy. On my right was a bigger guy but he was missing his arm just short of elbow. I thought it would allow me to snag the armrest but I keep getting whacked by the nub.