1. Rob Lowe is just playing himself...sleeping with hookers
  2. Martin Sheen is a good president but he will always be Gordon Bombay and Charlie's dad
  3. Josh is the bad guy on Billy Madison and I keep doing the weasel laugh.
  4. Cubans don't come over on boats but more like fruit baskets
  5. The president is George of the Jungle "watch out for that tree"
  6. They just mentioned the Ryder Cup team...I'm sure it was Tiger's fault
  7. Mandy can't drive
  8. Actress who plays CJ is the voice of peach on finding nemo
  9. I've seen the White House but I'd like to tour it.
  10. You can't be an idiot and watch this show. A lot of stuff going on
  11. Hypnosis helps trick girls into marrying you
  12. President drinks Dewars on the rocks
  13. President is from New Hampshire...my name is in there
  14. Mandy: Toe Pick
  15. Hooker or Call girl?
  16. No Scotch, dairy or red meat? That's no way to live
  17. Awkward Hooker encounters are awkward
  18. "If I cost you some money I'll write you a check" great quote
  19. Blow up Syria for killing the guy who just had a kid
  20. CJ is always looking for someone
  21. Donna is gonna sleep with Josh
  22. It's raining really hard outside their window and no one that walks in has a jacket or umbrella
  23. Aaron Sorkin has been a great writer in a lot of things
  24. The secretary has a supply of the presidents glasses in her desk
  25. I want to take a buffer to Toby's head
  26. The president smokes in the war room
  27. I know it's a tv show but geez the president makes tough decisions
  28. Rob Lowe talks about hookers during bombing in Syria
  29. Lou Collins from Little Big League is a reporter now
  30. Where is Shawn spencer