1. The "hint of autumn" (family room)
  2. The "wow it just snowed" (dining room)
  3. The "junk tree that mom wished we didn't have" (downstairs)
  4. The "yeah, we play pool". Too bad we kinda don't though.
  5. The "huh. I guess we need one outside"
  6. The "travel tree(?)" (It's sometimes a myth)
  7. The Chewbacca trifecta that aren't really real but we count them
  8. Whatever mystery tree Betsy puts in her room. It used to have barbies.
  9. David's plane tree. Lol. Represents him perfectly.
  10. Hannah and Abby's pink and green tree because we like matching
  11. The s'mores tree. Because everyone has a weird collection. It's cute though.
  12. The millennium tree (living room)
  13. The "HA you thought you could escape the Christmas spirit" glitter tree (bathroom)