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  1. He threw his socks and I asked him to pick it up
  2. I put his left shoe on first instead of the right one
  3. I forgot to take the crusts off his sandwich
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  1. Taylor Swift (BOTH TIMES I SAW HER)
    Sobbed the first time, only cried mildy the second! This must mean I'm growing up!
  2. St. Vincent
    I listen to all of her albums on repeat all the time and I just couldn't handle seeing her in the GLORIOUS FLESH
  3. Kings of Leon
    I got free tickets to the front row so I was liiiittle emotional also I've loved them deeply for many many years
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  1. Jean booty shorts with fishnet leggings and ugg boots
  2. Someone wearing pants way too big aka half of their butt was showing
  3. Actual pajamas
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  1. Derek Blasberg
    Not sure if she knows he's gay, but her explanation was "he's funny and so, so stylish" which makes him "perfect for me".
  2. Brian Austin Green
    She saw him on "Flipping Out" when he and Megan Fox were redoing their house and gasped, and then said "he's so cute Hannah you should find someone that cute"
  1. "Justin Bieber has killed a lot of people"
  2. "I don't want to vote I just want to go to these parties you're talking about" - after I explained voting and rep/dem parties to her
  3. "My swimming teacher is so hot I want to order him in a box"
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