Some great tips to follow in life 💙

This is from personal experience!!
  1. The only way you will EVER finally feel like you fit in is if you accept and love yourself. I remember feeling like nobody thought i was pretty or worth anything. But then i began to love my own self and everyone else seemed to begin to love me too. Being confident in you is a better look than any outfit or makeup can bring you. ✌🏼️
  2. Don't fill your plate too high! I remember being super ambitious and wanting to go for it all. However, i found that with everything i was trying to strive for at one time, I was losing track of what was really important: me and my stress levels. Try focusing on a few goals at a time to keep from freaking out in the long run.
  3. Don't give yourself biscuits. This one is kind of a weird one, but a very good life strategy. If you struggle with something in life, which we all do at some point, treat that something like a dog. If you let it get you down or you let it tear you apart, its like you are giving it a treat. You wouldn't give a dog a treat for doing something wrong.
  4. Don't ever see love as a bad thing. Love is not what brings pain in a relationship. Struggles and different outlooks on different aspects are what tears apart a beautiful pair. Love is only the positive part of a relationship. Love is NOT to be confused with lust. You will know when love is present.
  5. Don't make excuses: when something needs to be done, do it. It's the only way the situation will get better. Procrastination is only an issue that will continue to grow if you don't stop it soon. Put in the work to give yourself a break 💙