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@SparklesTheDestroyer you monster...you know not what you ask for
  1. Katniss is peeved because you broke her bow when she took you hunting. She knew she shouldn't have trusted you...
  2. Peeta has a fresh baked loaf of ciabatta (not burnt!) that he thinks will pair nicely with the sun dried tomato spread you picked up at the farmers market
  3. Gale has a bone to pick with you re: this list request
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At the behest of @SparklesTheDestroyer I give to you:
  1. "Oh my god, Ralph, quit! You are "craic"-ing me up today!"
  3. 2 peaz in a pod
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  1. Fever Pitch
    The Yankees toilet paper, that fact that Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon's wife, Nancy Juvonen, are best friends and produced the movie together, that no one actually thought the Sox could win the ALCS let alone the WS so all of those scenes at the end are 💯 real, Drew Barrymore's character reluctantly eating a hot dog
  2. Hot Dogs
    Don't tell me how they're made just give me a jumbo dog loaded with mustard onions pickle and tomato
  3. One Direction
    But I'm nervous that their best days are behind them
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