A Few Reasons Why I Love Her

Just a few reasons, among the endless, of why I'm madly in love with this girl. This is for you special one.
  1. She's a cinephile.
    Who doesn't love a girl with a good taste in movies?
  2. She's enjoys my nerdy addiction to video game culture.
    Or at least doesn't run from me like I have the plague when I start rambling about the passion I have about the Resident Evil series, or when I start going on tangents about why DOOM is so brilliant.
  3. She's honest with me.
  4. She has real emotions and she doesn't try to hide them.
    She doesn't hide behind the feigned happiness that society wants us to pretend like we have. She is wholly herself, and good or bad, she lets the world know.
  5. She knows the weight of marriage and the power of waiting.
    There's a reason the divorce rate is almost 50% now. Get to know someone before you decide that forever is a time you want to spend with them, she understands that. As much as I like to envision my own wedding, I am a child of divorce, and I understand all too well the risks of a hasty marriage, and I'm happy to have someone who understands that too.
  6. She's a the perfect height for me.
    I'm 6' 8", a response I have to give the dozens of inquisitive, very perceptive fine folks who always feel the need to ask me how tall I am, and having a girl who matches me snuggly in that department is just a dream come true. She doesn't look me in the eyes when she stands up and she's not at my waist either, she's perfect.
  7. She tried to learn Magic: The Gathering.
    I mean, those of you who play Magic, you know just how special this is. I don't expect her to stay on board, and maybe she didn't even like it, but she tried, she sat down, let me try and teach her using a litany of nerd lingo and Magic speak, and she didn't fall asleep or burst into flames. True love gentlemen, that's true love.
  8. She accepts me for me.
    Does this even needs explaining?