This is for you, my special girl. I know today is rough, but I'm always thinking of you.
  1. The Fall breeze comes to me in these days.
  2. Taking with it all my pains and woes.
  3. Realization hits me in strange ways.
  4. To never abandon a love that has room to grow.
  5. Beauty comes from within.
  6. To doubt that is a sin.
  7. Hold me still.
  8. As you will.
  9. In the beauty of your gaze.
  10. A Fall breeze come to me these days.
  11. Green eyes hold the light of your soul.
  12. A look of I want to grow old.
  13. With you by my side.
  14. Watching the tide.
  15. Wash us away.
  16. To a place far from today.
  17. Oh don't you know?
  18. How I love you so?
  19. This pain will go away.
  20. A Fall breeze came to me today.