There's a ton.
  1. No Trending or Featured that's easily accessible.
    Want to see what's hot? Sorry, not for you. Want to become featured, maybe you will, who knows? I certainly don't.
  2. No Relist Feature.
    Long gone now are the days of signal boosting a list that you really enjoyed and want to show some extra love to.
  3. The Facebooking Of
    With the past few updates, we all could see that they were moving towards making more streamlined like Facebook and other social media apps, but even with them nudging closer to it, we still had what made, well, A unique little zone of social interaction where we could write extensively on how we felt, still can, write what we wanted to create, still can, and SHARE it with our little community that loves to love it.
  4. The Facebooking Of Cont.
    Now, what we have is nothing more than a pseudo knockoff of Facebook without half the features of Facebook. I'm sure it's not as bad as I'm hyperbolizing it to be, but man, sure feels that way.
  5. Forced Updated Into Change
    @quixotic showed me this. Don't want to stay in the glory that was old, sorry, you will move into the future wether you want to or not. Apparently that's the mindset of this new update for those who chose not to. If you use this app, you love this app, so, in order to keep loving it, you HAVE to update it.
  6. So.
    If you have anymore gripes about this new update that you want to vent, please, do share in the comments below. I love you all, peace out.