Angsty withdrawal poetry my friends.
  1. Dreams are curious things.
  2. Brought up by hopeful desires.
  3. They float on broken wings.
  4. Constantly trying to swim in reality's harsh mires.
  5. Perfect contradictions between what the heart wants and what it gets.
  6. Dreams, they stand in a strange place lost in time and never to be seen in space.
  7. Yet, here I am watching the sun of mine set with not the slightest worry or fret.
  8. I dream of a forgotten place.
  9. Kubla Khan and the endless utopia.
  10. Ozymandias knew of the fall.
  11. I sit here now wanting my own Xanadu.
  12. I'm still here knowing the call.
  13. I'm in love.
  14. That hasn't changed
  15. My beautiful light, my shining saving grace, you will always be my white dove.
  16. I just have to let my dreams go.
  17. Focus on what's important now.
  18. And the future will flow.
  19. I love you my dear.
  20. That will never change.
  21. Dreams come and go but that one thing will always stay the same.
  22. Dreams are curious things.