Immortalizing this for @quixotic. It's been a beautiful three months with you!
  1. Dreams, Happiness, and Love
  2. The pursuit of them all.
  3. A dangerous task to the bleary hearted.
  4. She knows the risk,
  5. But is she willing to take it?
    -I am
  6. Memories, Moments, and Merriment
  7. I've found them all,
  8. and I want to share them.
  9. The good times, the bad times.
  10. They have all been with
  11. Fear, Doubting, and Dread
  12. The essential components to all good things,
  13. and things to come.
  14. We take them on and I lose.
  15. Not defeated entirely.
    -I'm still here
  16. Do I love her?
    -More than ever
  17. Does she love me?
    -The burning question
  18. Forever in this cycle until I get the answer.
  19. I love you my dear,
  20. and that will never change.
  21. Through constant doubt and daily fear.
  22. I will always be your strong shoulder.
  23. A listening ear.
  24. A beating heart.
  25. A voice in the dark.
  26. I will always be yours.