I don't know what I would have done without you, beautiful girl. This is for you @quixotic
  1. I opened my eyes, and they were bleary.
  2. I felt my soul, and it was weary.
  3. Stumbling and bumbling throughout the day.
  4. The girl with the beautiful soul stayed.
  5. Scorched earth and all is fair!
  6. On days like this, do I even dare?
  7. Tossing and trembling over the stress that comes my way.
  8. The girl with the smoothing smile stayed.
  9. Demons bring with them all of their fare.
  10. Fear and accusations dismantle my care.
  11. Wondering and wandering the long gone sins of yesterday.
  12. The girl with the healing heart stayed.
  13. Only revolutions of ruin befall me.
  14. Alas! Realizations hit what my broken mind couldn't see.
  15. My ineffable wonder has stood by me.
  16. Rejoicing and reveling in her accepting resolution.
  17. A turn and a twirl, my day's revolution.
  18. The day ends.
  19. Memories of her sends,
  20. An angel clad with glance.
  21. Reminds me of that chance.
  22. Stolen from a better yesterday.
  23. My green eyed love has me living for today.