1. I made a mistake.
  2. Mistake is an understatement.
  3. I've committed murder.
  4. To my relationship with a beautiful girl.
  5. My special girl.
    She doesn't think that anymore.
  6. It's not what you probably think it is.
  7. I destroyed her trust.
  8. I took something that belonged to someone else, that wasn't mine, and more importantly, I can't give it back.
  9. Is this the End?
  10. I still love her.
  11. More than ever before.
  12. But she...
  13. She hates me.
  14. I know she does.
  15. Can I get her back?
  16. Can I win her trust back?
  17. Can I prove to her she's my special girl again?
  18. No.
  19. But a part of me says that it's possible.
  20. NO.
  21. I always knew the best thing in my life would be ruined by me someday.
  22. So, here I am, weeping on Li.st wanting to change the past, don't we all at some point?
  23. I wish I could get her back.
    If only wishing and wanting made the world turn.
  24. But I can't.
  25. She feels nothing.
    When I once made her feel something.
  26. And I still feel like I'm in love.
  27. Is this the End?