Missing You

I think this speaks for itself. Once again, for you @quixotic, always.
  1. Missing you begins with a memory.
  2. A warm summer day in a world of our own.
  3. Cherished peace finds itself a home.
  4. Comfort lies with me on a hillside blanket, wrapped in the embrace of a kind sun.
  5. Did I always know then as I do now?
  6. Truly, you are my special one.
  7. An unbreakable bond, an unspoken vow.
  8. Signed with a kiss.
  9. You will always be missed.
  10. Missing you begins with a memory and lives through a feeling.
  11. Those warm summer days have turned into warmer Autumn nights.
  12. An absence of you is felt.
  13. The feeling of everything being all right.
  14. Gone for a time.
  15. A view of life from the dead.
  16. Don't you know, you'll always be mine?
  17. Nestled into their eternal beds.
  18. Speaking out to the silence of which is returned, nothing.
  19. Longing to hear something.
  20. A song of life given to the dead.
  21. A chorus of you runs through my head.
  22. The memory of you lives on through a feeling.
  23. Sunshine smiles and telling looks.
  24. Brings my heart a peace, forever reeling.