My Video Game Character Spirit Animals

Yep, so here it is, my favorite characters in all of gaming that wholly represent the different parts of my shattered psyche.
  1. Conker the Squirrel
    I may be king and have all the money in the world, and all the land, and all that stuff. But you know, I don't really think I want it. I just wanna go home, with Berri, and, I don't know... have a bottle of beer. Not gonna happen.
  2. The Master Chief
    Master Chief: Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity... whatever the cost. Thomas Lasky: You say that is if soldiers and humanity are two different things. I mean, soldiers aren't machines. We're just people. Master Chief: She said that to me once... about being a machine.
  3. Joel (The Last of Us)
    I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you- No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.
  4. Doom Guy
    He doesn't speak, he hates demons, he is full of rage, and he still manages to pull off a few moments of levity in the carnage that is his existence. Whether he's being blown to shreds by the legions of Hell, or melted by falling in molten lava, he always manages to pull off one final goof, one final, "This was a fun ride, and I'm going to make sure to let everyone know it", before he meets his demise.