"Ash seeketh ember."
  1. Caustic collisions of the disaster of me left at the end rampage against the brilliance of me forever living in the sunlight.
  2. I see the dream, but am I enough to sustain it?
  3. She lives in a capricious world and I love her in it.
    She dreams of the moon and I want to love her beyond it.
  4. Celestial in her beauty; there's a slice of heaven in her eyes.
  5. Corporeal is my existence without her.
    To an ethereal plane she takes me with a smile.
  6. Yet, I hear the beat of forlorn drums in the distance.
  7. I feel the somber melody of loss.
  8. She's my very own Pantheon of perfection:
    the envy of Aphrodite in her beauty, the rival of the Muses by the power of her inspiration, the dreams of Pandora in her desires.
  9. Wanting to join her while she shines in the cosmos; she burns the sky.
    Mortal may I be while I watch the stars dance.
  10. Knowing of my own limitations as she slips through my hands like timeless sand.
    Beat strong bloody heart and you will prevail!
  11. Until the ends of the ends of oblivion will I chase after you.
  12. Never giving up, holding on to that splash of the sun I feel when you say, "I love you too."