1. “The ether bubbling outside of my clock tower window hurts my eyes to wander. I have no perception of time as I hear the “tick-tock” of something. Clocks? Ha-ha, who needs those… The endlessness of anything and everything locks up my mind in confused state that is becoming poison to my current existence.
  2. Then I watch the years go by with such a casual pace that it makes me feel as non-existent as a fantasy story. Just like those stories though, I have a purpose. No I don’t, just the echoes now. The echoes even cower in the presence of self-consciousness. I am alive, I think? Life is precious, life is short, life is…over.
  3. Echoes retreat back into the voices that created them and the silence is everywhere. You hear that? The watchman approaches. It’s time.”
  4. -An observer.