It's been eight days since I smoked my last cigarette.
  1. I want one.
  2. Very Much.
  3. Impossibly.
  4. Cripplingly.
  5. I crave the nice burn, the wave of nicotine induced euphoria, the quick passage of time that comes with each flicked butt, the sense of community that comes when I see a fellow smoker, among just a few things.
    -Sounds pretty great, right?
  6. No.
  7. You know what I crave more?
  8. Hugs from @quixotic
    -We'll have real one soon enough. 💜💜💜
  9. Living long enough to see this future I have in my head come true.
    -Can't really give it a chance if I don't make it there in the first place.
  10. Tasting food and all of it being delicious.
    -ALL OF IT.
  11. Being able to breathe in the mornings.
    -I'm guessing everyone can see the benefit in this.
  12. Having extra money to spend on dates and cute gifts for her.
    -I was spending near $30 a week on cigarettes before I quit.
  13. Just to name a few.
  14. I look back on all those quirks, those little moments of fun, those nicotine induced "good times", and I realize that's exactly what all of this is: an addiction.
    -An addiction that was slowly killing me.
  15. I write this now, massive cravings burning my skull, head pounding, wanting that next cigarette that can never come.
  16. But I think of her, I write on here, I think about what's important, and it all seems to fade away.
  17. I can do this friends.
  18. I know I can.
  19. But, it will always be there.
  20. I want one.