Another one! Oh my! I think I'm addicted. 😉
  1. Having my sense of taste back.
    Since I've quit smoking everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, tastes like God himself came down to Earth one last time to hand deliver me the best food in existence on a golden platter. That might be a *little* hyperbolic, but needless to say, food tastes pretty great now.
  2. She is, and there is no way I can describe this in words, or any other form of expression, and do how amazing of a person she is justice, the best girlfriend and human being I could ask for in my life. She carries me through the tough times, she's shown me a life I had forgotten, she's a constant source of positive inspiration, she moves my heart in ways that no one else could, and she's always there for me when all seems lost. I love this girl, there's no doubt about that, and I'm beyond happy.
  3. Bethesda Games
    Published or developed, Bethesda can do no wrong when it comes to giving me the chance to play some of the best, most memorable games I have ever played. DOOM 2016, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Fallout 4, Dishonored Definitive Edition, and the upcoming rerelease of SKYRIM. THEY CAN DO NO WRONG.
  4. Coffee
    I don't know if it's technically good for me, but I've been drinking a metric butt ton of coffee ever since I've quit smoking. The alertness, the energy, the taste, the masochistic burn of fresh coffee, they are all aspects of drinking coffee that have come up to all equal nirvana in my very troubled mind.
  5. Okay, so these next ones might sound like repeats, but whatever?
    -My audience is pretty much limited anyways.
  6. Pokémon GO with @quixotic
    Capturing a Vulpix at 4 A.M. in downtown Kingsport has never been something I would've have thought as one of the best memories of my life.
  7. Movie nights with @quixotic
    Cuddles. English Breakfast Tea. Warm Blankets. And an ever growing list of movies that we're tackling. It's perfection, pure and simple.
  8. Anything, really, with @quixotic
    Sorry for tagging you so much dearest!