1. A boy sits alone under a grim twilight he calls his own. A quiet anxiety that had once teased the senses of his happiness has now become a thunderous fanfare of despair.
  2. "Misery is life, and life is full of misery," he thinks to himself.
  3. Hope is seldom a feeling that decides to grace him with her presence in these days. Surrounded by tainted memories of what should have never been, a boy sits in them.
  4. Days pass.
  5. Loneliness comes to take hold.
  6. Weeks pass.
  7. A boy accepts his fate.
  8. Comfort comes to those who accept it. Adventure comes to those who seek it. A spark ignites in these days. From what? Only the divine will ever know. From where? Defeat, and all his masterfully crafted doubts, will have to keep guessing.
  9. A boy, still swimming in a lost sea of melancholy, finds it within himself to not accept his fate, and sets out to find a new one.
  10. A precarious instantaneous burst of emotion drives him out into the world. The stars align, the cosmic chorus melodizes with the refrain of his soul, and on a whim, opportunity shows it's risky face again. A chance is given, and a boy takes it.
  11. Addendum:
    Has it really been 185 days since I first kissed you that fateful night? You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun, but with you, time has gracefully breezed by; cherished memories, haunting melodies, this time with you has been unforgettable in the best way imaginable.
  12. And:
    My words will never be able to sum up such a beautiful complexity as yourself, but that never keeps me from trying. I hope to keep proving you wrong for the rest of your days, my love. Happy six month anniversary! With many more to come! 💜