Hmmm, sound familiar @quixotic? 😉
  1. Kitsey call outs from Siri
  2. Affectionate acrostics
  3. Talking fearlessly in totality
  4. Hugs that heal my heart
  5. Eyes that entreat my imagination
  6. Reel to Real respites
  7. Ineffably sharp intellect
  8. New adventures around every corner
  9. Enjoying the little moments
  10. Enjoying the big moments just the same
  11. Living in a dream
  12. Imaginative inquisitiveness
  13. Stark snuggles
  14. Embracing the future together
  15. Hiding away in each other
  16. Against the tides we can stand forever
  17. Reveling in that
  18. Remembering everything and smiling
  19. In a brief summary of all of this
  20. Simply! I love you. ❤️