This Past Week As Described By Some Undergrad Poetry

It's been one heck of a week, filled with undoubtably down downs and unparalleled uplifting ups. This is for you special one. 💜
  1. Hemlock and Honey.
  2. Sinister and saccharine
  3. To which would a worldly wanderer prescribe them?
  4. Tasting them in totality,
  5. I find the fragile equilibrium of life.
  6. Too much of a good thing is poisonous.
  7. Too much of the opposite is torturous.
  8. Yet, nothing is truly real without tasting either.
  9. Find that someone who shares the stars in the sky with you.
  10. And for an eternity,
  11. Taste of that special Hemlock and Honey.