Yes, the cheese is a coming, but like all things cheesy or sappy, they do come from a place of utmost sincerity. This is for you, special one.
  1. Those Eyes
    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, that we can see through them, take a peak into that unseen, indescribable beauty that lurks within us all even when we can't see it ourselves. I never really gave that much thought, as my life has always been full of assuming the worst in people, taking what I see as it is, not going beyond the emotional barriers to truly know someone. I look into her emerald pools of green and it all seems to fade away, forever seeing what she can't, and sighing.
  2. Her Face
    I'm not a religious man by any means, I can feel spiritually, I can understand what it is, but I can never truly grasp that deeper love that radiates from the divine, and maybe I never will, but seeing her face, knowing that smile, longing for her glance, makes me think maybe I'm on to something. Not saying that she's the next thing to actual divinity, because that's not fair to all those true believers out there, but damn is it close.
  3. Her Mind
    While I'm not saying it's perfect by any psychological standards out there, that beautiful, wondrous, fractured mind is the just the right fit for my romantic heart. She sure doesn't see it that way, she doesn't think it's right for me, and even maybe she thinks I'd be better off without it, but I know that whatever may go through her mind, whatever she's thinking right now, I would never have it any different, because I know there's this wonderland of untapped passion yearning to be free.