Oft morning dreams presage approaching fate, For morning dreams, as poets tell, are true - M. Bruce #0445club #DisciplineEqualsFreedom
  1. Woke up
    Struggled with Alarmy app that didn' t want to shut up
  2. Cold shower
    Then hot, then cold
  3. Morning protein
    Typically whey protein power 30g
  4. Wrote like a mofo
    Just some musings on life in general
  5. Achilles tendon massage
    With kettlebell handle
  6. Meditation
    Headspace creativity pack
  7. Watched Gary V on Skillshare
    Intersting view on social media in general
  8. Burmese eggs with cauliflower-broccoli rice
    Ah, the herbs, the herbs...
  9. Wrote li.st