what I've been up to today
  1. Morning pages written
    Took me a while to get started then got inspired and finished hard
  2. Two meditation sessions
    On Creativity and Change
  3. Booking meetings with podcast guests
    Bert Verdonck amongst others
  4. Working on social media strategy
    That was a lot of fun
  5. 45 minutes of workout time
  6. Read in the Art of War
    Sun Tzu rules for soooo many reasons
  7. Watched Gary Vaynerchuck on Skillshare
    Getting bang for my buck there
  8. Some cooking
    Chicken pepper cabbage salad nomnom
  9. Some cleaning
    Floors look wamkable now
  10. Grocery shopping
    Dropped off Therazinc with the owner
  11. Filling out li.st