Everyone's favorite game show not named The Price is Right has been on the air more or less continuously for decades.
  1. Louie Anderson. Ugh time to change the channel.
  2. Richard Karn. Sorta tolerable. Acceptable depending on your current DayQuil intake.
  3. John O'Hurley. An upgrade over Karn solely because I imagine him as J. Peterman.
  4. Ray Combs. This is the one I grew up with. Don't google what happened to him if you want to continue to enjoy his on-screen magnetism.
  5. Steve Harvey. Controversial that he's not number one, but he does the same joke over and over getting shocked at the contestants' risqué answers. Pretty enjoyable overall though.
  6. And the best: the kissing bandit Richard Dawson. Maybe it's because he was great on the Match Game, maybe it's because I love Hogan's Heroes, but Dawson is tops for me.