Everybody's working for the weekend. Sigh.
  1. Get in the door and sit down. Oops, computer needs to be rebooted. Oops, I changed my password yesterday. Cycle through four different programs that don't work without manually changing the password as they pop up over top of each other.
  2. Get up and wander into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Door alarm chimes so I stop to investigate. Expecting outside clients to show up any minute.
  3. Make the pot of coffee and return to my desk. Oh look, I.T. reset our file server yesterday and all my links are broken. Send out a help desk ticket.
  4. Phone rings and I talk to I.T. for 10 minutes to get my links fixed. Finish and transfer the phone to the next person. Done and done.
  5. Get up and return to the kitchen. Pour my coffee and take one sip before being called into the other room about our copier's scanner not working.
  6. Return to my computer and type in skype back to I.T. Return to the kitchen, and grab my coffee cup, taking it back to my desk.
  7. Take a second sip. I.T. calls again and I have to get up and read off copier information for a remote driver update. Return to desk for another sip, but am called into the next room again by yet another person.
  8. Return to my desk, eyes bloodshot, about to take a sip of rapidly cooling coffee. Catching up on email backlog. Door chimes and the clients have arrived.
  9. Proceed to call a distinguished woman in a sharp pantsuit sir by accident. Embarrassed, I slink into my desk and sip from my now lukewarm mug. Sorry, I say. "I haven't really had my coffee yet." Does not seem amused.
  10. Only 7 hours + to go.