Bet you didn't know that pro wrestling was such a sophisticated cultural tour.
  1. German suplex - Probably the most recognized move on this list. Perfectly valid Greco-Roman move that has carried over into sports entertainment. A man is grabbed from behind and slam backwards onto his neck and back while the grasp is maintained.
  2. Irish whip - throwing a guy hard into the turnbuckle.
  3. Mexican surfboard - uh this is a weird one. A guy is sorta stretched out and hoisted upside down and stretched further. You know what, here's a picture.
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  4. Texas cloverleaf - submission hold. It's a fairly basic hold that involves grabbing an opponent's knee and leg and cranking down to apply pressure.
  5. Boston crab - another lower body submission hold. Just grab a leg and start cranking. It's uh different than the cloverleaf. Just trust me.
  6. European uppercut - weird looking short range uppercut.
  7. Canadian destroyer - mythical move. I can't really describe how awesome this one is. A guy is set up for a power bomb or a piledriver, but somehow the wrestler does a full flip rotation with that person locked in their legs. Can I post gifs? Just google it if you're interested.
  8. Arabian face buster - Allahu Akbar. As performed by Sabu. Get on a top rope, stick a metal folding chair on your butt, and jump onto someone's prone face/body.
  9. Russian sickle - in the 80s a clothesline could be a finisher. Nikita Koloff is strong like bull.
  10. Polish hammer - finisher for Ivan Putski. Just punched a guy lots of times in a row. In the 70s a punch could be a finisher.
  11. Death Valley driver - stolen and renamed in various forms over and over again by Goldberg, Lesner, Cena, etc. Hoist a guy onto your shoulders and then somehow fling him down facefirst onto the mat.
  12. Samoan drop - a guy gets on your back and you drop against the mat, using all your weight to crush him. Works best for fat wrestlers.
  13. Alabama slam - spin a guy around, grab him by the legs, and do sort of a powerbomb.
  14. Pearl River plunge - finisher for Ahmed Johnson, a solid but somewhat boring wrestler in the mid-late 90s. Don't bother.