The true heroes of pop culture.
  1. Mr. Slate. Fred Flintstone should be crawling on his knees in gratefulness for not being turned out into the street for his terrible work ethic.
  2. Cogswell Cogs. Cogs are way better than sprockets and he'll stop at nothing to prove it to the world.
  3. Pops. Saw a need for cheap eats in Riverdale and made things happen. Jughead gives his seal of approval.
  4. Biff Tannen. Who else could bring a casino to crummy Hill Valley?
  5. Walter White. From a wasted life as a high school science teacher, he made something out of himself and became Albuquerque's car wash magnate.
  6. Fred Sanford. Small business owner personified. Has nothing but piles of junk, but has created an empire for himself and his no account, ungrateful son.
  7. Ebeneazor Scrooge. Things were going so well until he got schizophrenia and thought he was a cartoon duck. The less said the better.