Not to sound too lonely. Apologies in advance because this one is depressing.
  1. I am the only child of an only child.
  2. I grew up in a neighborhood with very few other kids.
  3. And I was a latchkey kid. Both parents worked (most years) and I would come home to an empty house. So I had to learn how to:
  4. Play basketball by myself constantly. My self-taught awful mechanics never recovered. I had no arc on my shot to adjust to the power line running to the house in front of my driveway goal.
  5. Read book after book. To be fair, this probably always would have happened.
  6. Video games. My parents encouraged it at first to keep me occupied. I wonder when they realized their mistake.
  7. Wander around the neighborhood on my bike with no goal in mind.
  8. Hitting lightning bugs with a wiffle bat for hours at a time. Was that mentally disturbed?
  9. Throwing tennis balls onto the roof and catching them as they rolled down.
  10. I could go on, but basically it was lonely. I always wanted siblings and it never happened.
  11. And now this time of year comes up and it's hard. I have no nephews or nieces, no children, no wife. And year by year people in my orbit die off or disappear and my world grows a little smaller. And people wonder why I don't really enjoy Christmas.