I had the Neil Young dream just this week.
  1. I'm one week from graduating from college when I'm informed that a class that I dropped freshman year, and which is no longer offered, was mistakenly credited to my transcript. I panic as I realize I can never graduate. I may have had some variation of this dream a few dozen times.
  2. Similar to above, I skip every lecture of a class and show up to take the final only to find that participation/weekly assignments made up half the grade and I can't pass. I never had this dream until I witnessed it happen. My jaw dropped.
  3. Neil Young shows up at my door to criticize my taste in music. I shamelessly pander to him that I love Rust Never Sleeps as he shakes his head at my collection of 70s prog rock.
  4. I discover that I am the only real person in the world, and everyone else is a product of my imagination. Later, I find out that this is a common thing called solipsism.