There are lots of 80 year olds on this app that are gonna love this.
  1. You remember when Jon Arbuckle was funny.
  2. You remember when Fatty Arbuckle was funny.
  3. Have ever repaired a carburetor.
  4. The 4:00 early bird dinner special seems like a pretty sweet deal.
  5. Door to door salesman still on your resume.
  6. Right under telephone switchboard operator.
  7. Thinking of buying an adjustable bed.
  8. Only tennis balls you own are on the feet of your new walker.
  9. Keep a jar of hard candy on the living room table. Mostly decorative.
  10. Can't remember what you ate for breakfast.
  11. Can't remember if you ate breakfast period.
  12. You no longer catch the eye of the newest residents at your nursing home.