What do our furry friends do all day? I've carefully placed an array of video cameras that I can monitor remotely and retreat to a safe distance so as not to disturb the subject.
  1. 0500 - Subject stirs from its slumber. Gets up, stretches, and slinks down the hallway.
  2. 0515 - Subject feasts.
  3. 0530 - Subject takes up position on another bed.
  4. 0700 - Subject has not stirred.
  5. 0900 - Brief movement. Subject hops down from bed, stretches, thinks better of it, and returns to original position.
  6. 1145 - Growing concerned at the level of lethargy displayed.
  7. 1500 - Subject has not moved in hours. Growing ever more alarmed.
  8. 1750 - Subject stirs! It is alive after all.
  9. 1800 - Subject hops down, stretches, and ambles down the hall.
  10. 1815 - Subject feasts and avails itself of the litter "facilities."
  11. 1830 - Subject walks into third room and lays down.
  12. 2100 - Subject slowly slinks its way to its bed and hops up, another hard day's work achieved.