Honey, this conversation is long overdue.
  1. He's tearing up the yard.
  2. His teacher can barely contain him. She's been begging us to get him on ADD meds all year.
  3. I know you are on the SPCA charity board, but that dog has to go. I don't care what it looks like. He just makes noise all day and encourages Dennis to destroy the neighborhood.
  4. Yes it was my idea to get him the slingshot. I thought it was better to get him out of the house and away from those damn video games. I was so, so wrong. Please don't divorce me.
  5. Martha called again about George. His nerves are shattered. Dennis showed up uninvited and ruined his prize winning rose garden. I can't take it much longer.
  6. It's Martha again. Guess what Dennis is up to now? That's right. George's entire collection of model trains is ruined. He's demanding 20 grand to replace them. I'm looking up military schools.
  7. Alice, he ruined my presentation. I've lost my job, we're losing the house. Our lives are ruined. That boy. Mischievous scamp my ass. Why he's...why he's a menace! A real menace.