I have been living in Ireland for 10 years and here is some of the slang terms I have picked up on the way.
  1. "Your Man" meaning "that guy"
  2. "Your one" meaning "that girl"
  3. "Grand" meaning "all is good"
  4. "What's the story?" Meaning "how's things, what you been up to?"
  5. "She's a weapon" meaning "stay away from her"
  6. "Me mot" meaning "the wife"
  7. "That's deadly" meaning "That's great"
  8. "I was langared" meaning "I was very drunk"
  9. "Your Lad" meaning "Penis"
  10. "Get up the yard" meaning "you must be kidding"
  11. "Me Box" or "Me hole" meaning "vagina" or "Anus"
  12. "Come here" meaning "listen to me"
  13. "It's was black" meaning "the pub was full of people".
  14. "Was there any craic (pronounced crack)" meaning "was there any fun".