First kisses are pretty amazing. If you're sober enough, the excitement that new intimacy brings can be electric. This sounds like a speech I'll give my kids some day. Here's a list of places I've shared a first kiss.
  1. In a teenager's bedroom.
    I was a teenager as well. It was awkward.
  2. At summer camp!
    Never as a camper though.
  3. At a New Year's Eve party.
  4. In the rain in Mexico.
    The same night that I had the best guacamole of my life .
  5. At my parent's house.
    Wasn't even living there anymore.
  6. On the dance floor.
    Obviously. DFMOs are my jam.
  7. In my bed.
    Why didn't I kiss her on the dance floor?
  8. At a masquerade.
    Still don't know who that was...
  9. Walking up a hill.
    We stopped walking for the kiss.
  10. In a kitchen.
    That one came out of nowhere.
  11. At a bar.
  12. In her bed.
    Why didn't I kiss her on the dance floor?
  13. Outside of an apartment.
    This was more obligatory than romantic.
  14. By a fireplace.
    Supes romants.
  15. On a golf cart.
    Don't worry, I parked it.
  16. On a balcony.
    And there were fireworks, so that pretty much takes the cake.