1. '14 friendship, then desperate, out to prove a point, like a dad shooting hoops
  2. '13 calm, cool and collected, redos never deliver quite the same
  3. '12 a fire, a house, passion burning, yet feeling cool on an icy walk
  4. '11 a great day, nay great year, here come the ends, friends abound, around a last minute reunion, we knew then, the best was yet to come
  5. '10 spontaneity bites the dust as a long day mirrors exhaustion in the heart
  6. '09 locked out in the snow blowing a horn into a phone, but not really feeling all alone
  7. '08 "trash his place!" screams confetti, alongside jumps and hugs
  8. '07 in the basement with four and one on the floor, a dumb pair, a cute pair, I know where I fall
  9. '06 an awkward hug to ward off love, a sigh of relief, a spread of disease
  10. '05 two and a couch, a loss of tracking time
  11. '04 the leather couch, jumping with excitement, aware of how young it is
  12. '03 fireworks and snow, all as close as the ones on the balcony
  13. '02 a homemade noise maker for an unexpected trio, and tv saves the day
  14. '01 a mixture makes something new, built to last
  15. '00 when stuck with strangers, a friend of the family is no friend of mine
  16. '99 it's cold out in the tears, a missed moment is a lonely realization