Thought process when getting shampoo in my eyes.

A traumatic experience documented.
  1. Mmmm my hair is going to smell like raspberry and sunshine.
    Bottle descriptions lie.
  2. Um...
    The slow realization that I've opened my eyes before rinsing it all out.
  3. Sweet shit what is this made of?
    Acid. It's acid isn't it!???
  4. Oh my god it burns. Ohhhhhh what the fuck!!!!!!
    This can't be legal ingredients.
  5. This is bad. This is really really bad.
    Panic has kicked in completely.
  6. I wonder what my guide dogs name will be?
    I'll name him "Help" so when I'm panicked he will come running. Good idea Harry.
  7. Wait.. Wait... The sting is leaving.. Have I died?
    Resigning to the fact that I'm probably ascending to heaven.
  8. I can see.... The pain has gone.
    I'm either dead or a hypochondriac.