Things I hate

  1. Passive aggressive people
  2. People that talk about drinking really loudly so others can hear and they "look cool"
  3. People that don't tip
  4. Or even worse... Tip less than a dollar
  5. Fast food restaurant workers that don't try
  6. When my order is messed up in a drive through
  7. When people bring up old jokes that really aren't funny any longer
  8. Inside jokes that are never explained to the group they are used in
  9. Rude people but generally if you do any of these you're a rude person😂
  10. Backseat drivers
  11. When nursing majors complain about how much they do
    If you hate it so much change majors...
  12. When Reid has the hiccups
    His are the most annoying
  13. When electric bill billboards have the wrong time