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(kind of in order?)
  1. Okay, you're outside. You should stretch a bit
    *does two half ass stretches while walking*
  2. Oh God, how long do you keep walking until you hit the jog full force
  3. Is this pace too fast for 4 miles? I should slow down
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I visit my grandma every Sunday, and I've picked up on some of her linguistic tendencies. Here is the varsity squad of her most common idioms and such:
  1. I'll box your ears
    Definition: I'll punish you, I'll get you, you'll pay, etc.
  2. Colder than a titches wit
    Definition: It is very cold, comparable to the temperature of a witches nipple (never got this one, still makes me laugh)
  3. Gordon!
    Definition: Grandpa has done something terribly wrong, and is about to pay
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