(kind of in order?)
  1. Okay, you're outside. You should stretch a bit
    *does two half ass stretches while walking*
  2. Oh God, how long do you keep walking until you hit the jog full force
  3. Is this pace too fast for 4 miles? I should slow down
  4. I cannot breathe please lord let this light turn red so I can stand here for a second
  5. This song bangs. Run fast to match how good this song makes you feel
  6. Bad idea. No more hype music for a while
  7. The river looks beautiful today. Everyone else is out enjoying the weather too, good for them
  8. Except that guy. He should've stayed home. He looks like Zac Efron and I can't compete with that
  10. All right, John Mayer is cool but I can't run to this. I must stop running to skip it.
  11. Oh no. Oh hell no. You're going to shit your pants there's no way around this
  12. Those people are looking at you, shake your arms out so they think you've been running for a long time
  13. That guy ahead is moving kinda slow. Pass him. But he looks like he runs all the time...what if he passes you later because he's better at pacing himself
  14. Getting to the end of the run here, finish strong. Hell ya
  15. Definitely finished too strong there, I shouldn't have that much energy left. Start with a faster pace next time
  16. Now dig your key out of the ass pocket of your shorts without catching any weird looks
  17. Everyone saw. They all looked. Just embrace it. Smell your fingers so they know you mean business.
  18. Great run today, self. Time for a smoothie