Last 10 photos on my phone for no reason

  1. Adults playing WallBall behind a Wal-mart
    It was great fun
  2. The inside of a Funkadelic album
    This lady looks much like a friend of mine...
  3. An accurate representation of my day at work
    I screenshot this to express myself to my co-workers
  4. My kitten sleeping on my friend
    She would not come near him while he was conscious...
  5. Sushi Dolphin!
  6. Super cool Ween themed Fancypants I found on Pinterest.
  7. Prince is pretty cool
  8. Straightening a friends hair after he lost a bet
    The Flyers DID make it to the playoffs.. And he looked very pretty
  9. A very creepy smokey the bear doll at a thrift store
    What the fuck?
  10. Cheers-Ing our burritos...
    Cause burritos are dope.