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  1. Excitement
    Night before
  2. Excitement and anxiety
    Morning of
  3. Excitement and curiosity
    When we arrived to the meeting place
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Growing up I thought BBQ as one thing. Spending years traveling the United States I have learned BBQ has a variety of meanings.
  1. Eastern NC - "Getting some BBQ" refers to pulled pork with a vinegar based sauce, typically complimented with Cole slaw and hushpuppies
  1. Slowly waking up to a beautiful day
  2. Replying to 3 emails counted for 8hrs paid day
  3. Best friend I haven't spoken to in months called.
  1. Hateya
    Pronounced "ha-tay-uh". Main name, name on file at vet. Miwok Language meaning "to press with foot"
  2. Hi Hi
    Short version
  3. Doodlebear
    When she is being cute. Doberman/poodle mix
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I had the past two days off work.
  1. Reading lists are entertaining
  2. Should I make a list?
    Maybe later
  3. Funny lists are more enjoyable
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