My thoughts of after two days of use.

I had the past two days off work.
  1. Reading lists are entertaining
  2. Should I make a list?
    Maybe later
  3. Funny lists are more enjoyable
  4. Ill relist some lists to get my feet wet
    Only a few, don't nt want a high ratio of relist/list
  5. Im going to write a list
    Nah that wasnt good *cancel*
  6. This is like an open mic night at buzzfeeds office
  7. I should write a list
    Nah that wasn't good *cancel
  8. I seem to check as often as FB and twitter
    Should I avoid one app? Use all a little less? Accept the fact ill be on my phone longer then I should?
  9. Im going to write a list for real now.
    You just read it.